The Home Page of "FoldIt (light)"

a software developed by Jean-Claude Jesior

A Protein Modelling Freeware for Macintosh Computers

Current Version is v.5.1.0b (Carbon Version)

Posted 23 October 2010

This is the newest version of FoldIt (light).

This is also probably the last one because I'll move to my garden very soon.

As an help for starting I have included a simple tutorial.

'FoldIt (light)' is a molecular modelling program to visualize and manipulate interactively protein structure files from the Brookhaven Protein Data Bank (PDB) including their hetero-atoms and water molecules. It is an integrated environment in which statistical analysis as well as 3D observations can be realized.

Protein structures can be manipulated easily in real time with the mouse, zoomed or observed in stereo. Animations can be created. Steric conflicts, disulfide bonds, hydrogen and ionic interactions can be located and displayed in the protein structure. Atoms and residues can be tagged individually (or globally) and structural information can then be extracted and reported in a text window.

Pictures can be saved to the disk. And much much more...

The program is available to any user free of charge and may be downloaded directly.

'FoldIt (light)' runs only on Macintosh computers in Mac OS X (Panther, Tiger and Snow Leopard have been tested).

Download 'FoldIt (light) 5.1.0b' to your Mac (4.9 MB)?